Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Think the Party is Over ....

Well, with a heavy heart I have to admit to myself that my birthday month is over. Oh sigh, so sad. Yesterday I took a little road trip to Temecula with some quilting buddies for our birthdays. They are both August babies so we combined all 3 birthdays into one big party. It was such a great, fun day.
This trip we had Penny as our designated driver. She's ready to go so I had better get in the car! Our first stop of the morning was Starbucks, oh yum!

The next stop, Stars N' Scraps Quilt Shop in Corona. This little shop is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to buy fabrics and other quilting goods. We are both holding one of our gifts from Debbie ... gift certificates, fabric, threads and .... 
Lunch time at Rosa's Cafe. My favorite spot in Temecula for lunch. Home made tortilla's to die for!!

Presents are waiting for us ....

Debbie's gift from Penny. A beautiful tray with a quilted insert.
So pretty isn't it??
Another stop at the Quilter's Coop. Here is a picture of my gift to Penny. Papa's Birds from Civil War Legacy's.
This is funny I know, taking a picture in a bathroom but you have to admit it is really cute! This bathroom belongs to the Temecula Quilt Co.

And the other side of the room. Just so cute, you don't want to leave!!
Our final stop was the Farmers Wife in Old Town Temecula. It is not a quilt shop (can you believe it!) Really awesome gift shop and I can't believe I forgot to take a picture. 
Thank you girls for a wonderful day, friendships make the world go round and round!

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