Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Long Goodbye ....

When the last parent passes away there is always so much to do, especially when it's mom. Mom is the keeper of the heirlooms and family treasures. Mom is who has trouble tossing out her grown children's childhood toys, baby clothes and all the treasures given to her over the years. I look at my own house and belongings and think "I have got to move some of these things out of here!" But it's really hard.
Bright and early this morning I was heading north to visit Lois's home. Lois is my dear friend Penny's mom whom passed away earlier this year. As I pulled into the driveway I had that erie feeling you get when you enter a sacred place. Penny has been working tirelessly getting her moms things sorted and ready for the estate sale. Following soon after will come the sale of the family home ... built solely by her father. A few "select" friends of Penny's were invited over to pre-shop. There were so many treasures, wish I had room in my house for some more of them. Penny walked the home with me and shared her stories. Penny was a young teenager when the house was being built so she has a lot of fond memories growing up there. Like Penny her dad had a love of antiques, so to say the least I was in heaven. Here are a few pictures of the treasures ...
A shot of the kitchen, I LOVE the oak shelf. The glass canning jars are so cool, they say "Foster" on the front. Like Ball, or Mason. Penny's maiden name is Foster so these jars were a special find.

Guest room - the bed is full of vintage toys and some more wonderful oak furniture pieces.

Master bedroom - The rocking chair is to die for and you can't tell but their is a Chaise under the vintage quilts. It's wicker with a lot of Victorian detail. The huge picture is a very collectible piece of theater art in a gorgeous frame.

The entry ... another favorite of mine. I bought the shelf but it didn't come home today. I wanted everything here, the entry bench, the frame, mirror and light fixture were all wonderful.
 So what did I bring home with me????
The tall cross stitch piece is cross stitched by Penny's mom. The work is so beautiful, I just couldn't let it go to a strangers home. It is going to the framers for glass. 
I have a bucket, a masher, a toy hand mixer (too cute) a small mason jar, a cast iron string holder and a framed WWII campaign poster.

ANNNDD ... a Prayer chair! Love this piece. It's oak. In this position you can sit on it.

With the seat up it becomes a kneeler. Such a nice piece. I also have one more treasured item, its a small unfinished sampler that was done by Penny's husband Bob's grandmother. It will be going to the framers along with Lois's cross stitch. I'll share them both when they return.
 The goodbye continues for Penny and her brothers. They said goodbye to their mom, and now the remainder of her belongings and soon the family home. I feel blessed to have a few of the family treasures.

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