Monday, November 7, 2011

Noodle's Anyone!!

I know, I know it's a bit dark but don't you just love it! Huh? You don't know what a noodle board is??? Well let me educate you. At least this is my version of the noodle board story.
When I was small and would visit my grandma in Ohio I loved to watch her cook .... especially when she made homemade noodles. My mouth is watering right now thinking of them. Anyway, she would roll the dough out, cut them in the size she wanted and would lay them on the noodle board to dry. The board was set on the stove top for what seemed like eternity to wait for the noodles to dry. Then grandma would make the most delicious chicken and noodle soup in the world. She was such an amazing cook and a master of comfort foods! Even when she and my grandpa would travel to California for their winter visits (to escape the bitter Ohio cold) she would bring along her noodle board. So many times I have wondered where that old noodle board went. I hope it's in someones home nestled on their warm stove and was not set to fire many yeas ago in someones "burn" pile.

So one day I was visiting my favorite blogs and low and behold what do I find??? A Noodle Board! I was so excited to say the least. I contacted Carol at Firecracker Kid and quickly ordered my black noodle board! Yes, Carol is a 4th of July baby like me ... we're kindred spirits all the way across the US. Well, last week the board arrived! I was so excited to open it up and get it on the stove. When Joe, my husband came downstairs he said "a noodle board' I was shocked that he called it by that name. He shared the story of his grandmum who also made homemade noodles and dried them on a wood board.
Will I be making homemade noodles you ask? Ah, no. However every time I see the noodle board I will imagine those buttery yellow noodles drying on the stove and for a quick moment I will hear my grandma say "no Anita, not yet."


  1. Oh Anita, I love the story of grandma's noodle board. Yours looks prim perfect there on your stove in your kitchen. Love love love it! Thanks so much for sharing your story and your photos with us :o)

  2. Can you use the noodle board like a cutting board? I'm looking for a cutting board made exactly like what you have in this picture. Do you know where I can find a cutting board with sides? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.