Monday, November 14, 2011

I think I live on one of the prettiest streets in Fullerton! It's one of the few that actually shows a display of the fall season. When the sun hits the leaves just right they glimmer like red flames. By Christmas they will be in their full glory and by January they will all be naked! Isn't it interesting how the tropical palm trees and the sugar maples co-exist in the mild California weather??

I didn't realize how out of focus this picture was until I posted it on my blog. However blurry it is the message comes through loud and clear ... giving thanks. In this turbulent economy I feel blessed that my family is safe and secure, that we are healthy and that we have each other. As this holiday season is rapidly approaching and we will all be wrapped up in the madness, I hope all of you can take a minute to enjoy the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a meal with family and friends and give thanks to God.

There has been a chill in the air just about every night so I thought it was time to get my quilts out and hang them up where they're easy to get a hold of! I love how these three look together, they all have the warm cozy glow of fall. The quilt in the middle is my newest, it's a sampler of the Underground Railroad. As we celebrate the 150 anniversary of the Civil War I felt an urge to commemorate the journey made by America's slaves to pursue their freedom and pursuit of happiness.

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