Sunday, May 18, 2014

Longaberger Spring Home Tour 2014

   All the hard work, all the planning and baking in the 100 degree heat was absolutely worth it. Our guests just ooh'd and awed at our 3 beautiful homes yesterday. The horrid heat wave finally broke Friday night and we awoke to a mild marine layer and cooler temps Saturday morning. I will not babble on and on about things since I took so many pictures and I want you to enjoy them without my narration! So let's get to it.
Our first home was The Vander Zon home. In brief ... they have lived here about 20 years, after a horrible fire destroying most of their home Lisa's husband rebuilt their home to it's current beautiful state. With her love of a homey cottage style there is plenty of cozy!
This was what greeted our guests when they arrived ... a nice cozy setting for two ....

Walking in the front door is her living room filled with vintage 1930's quilts, antiques and of course Longaberger baskets! The ladders on the wall were made by her husband out of salvaged walnut.

This cute primitive blue pie safe is sitting in her dining room filled with her collectibles and more quilts!

A big comfy chair in a family room corner ...

A cute little pillow ...

Moving into the bedroom/office area's we pass this awesome sign ...
Nice Longaberger display in Lisa's office/craft room/guest room!
Split shot ... a view down the hall is a picture gallery and another ladder filled with quilts in Lisa's office.

Another shot in the office. Her Longaberger baskets really work hard in this space!

The master suite ... the quilt squares above the bed are Hawaiian .. I love their two tone color palate ...
Outdoor patio is set for a Memorial Day BBQ!
A comfy spot for tea in the garden ....

A spot to sit and listen to the fountain ... look at those cute lil bunnies nesting under the fountain.

A nice shady spot on the patio next to the pool.
 And finally ... the boysenberry vines that I am lusting after. These just melt in your mouth!

Oh my oh my ....
 The next home belongs to Karen and Don Roger's. Like the Vander Zon's they too have lived in there home about 20 years. Karen is a "nester." Meaning she finds great joy in making the perfect nest for her family and their friends. She is our longest Longaberger collector and boy did it show. Our guests just loved so many of her vintage Longaberger pieces.

Welcome to the Roger's Home ...
This is a close up shot of the family room farm table. Karen uses every bit of her Longaberger collection every day and it is amazing. I love her use of our wrought iron caddy!

We learned that this corner of their addition is her husbands favorite. The bar, flat screen TV and his treasured ICE MAKER!! I love the brick flooring, also found in the Linamen home!
Another cute laundry room ... I really need to get my act together and create a nicer laundry room! I bet it makes doing laundry fun!!
A nice basket vignette on a bathroom counter ....
UGH ... the gym. Believe it or not this is Karen's favorite room in the house ... wait till you see her ...
A Roger's family heirloom ... so lovely ....

Some vintage Longaberger ....

Two picnic baskets makes a perfect impromptu table when you add a tray!
 Let's take a look upstairs shall we??

This is my room ... love the white and colonial blue ....

This cute room is the safe haven of their 7 year old grandson Dustin ...too cute.

The wooden farm house belonged to Don, Dustin's grandpa. It has been replicated on the wall behind his bed.
The master suite ... the black and white pictures above the night stands are those of Karen and Don as tiny children, so darn cute.

Master suite sitting area ... The view from these windows is breath taking. It overlooks the entire Chino Valley.
Just a portion of the master bath, I LOVE the sinks and cabinetry ...
This is my private bath ... did I mention I am moving in here??
These two works of art were painted by the home owner Karen! The suit case is her version of a Louis Vutton decorated with flowers and a touch of Paris!

Myself and Ms. Karen, isn't she just adorable. You can certainly tell who has been using the gym equipment!
 Now for our final home. This is just a small part of the Linamen home. I had intended to go back and capture the upstairs but I failed to do so. With three generations living in this home there are family traditions everywhere. Her 92 year old father in law is now in residence in Debbie's former home office and their 25 year old son occupies three of the upstairs rooms. They are a true example of the new family modality.
Debbie's kitchen became a flower shop preparing for the tour. Aren't all those little creamers adorable??

A view our her kitchen window into a lovely spring garden. Salad anyone?

Karen working at Debbie's home office! Check out those baskets at the top ...
All of my sugar bowls full of baked brownie's, our 3 tiered server was perfect for serving my guests.

The bedroom and sitting room quarters for Debbie's father in law. With a bathroom right next door it is a perfect cozy place.
And finally a little niche for the Linamen grandchildren. They love to sit here and have tea parties with grandma's Longaberger tea set.
Hope you enjoyed our tour as much as we did. Sorry you couldn't have one of our yummy, chewy brownies!

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