Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Jewel!

If I can be as sharp and happy as my friend Jewel when I turn 94 years old then bring it on! She still has her sense of humor and her sunny disposition. Don't get me wrong, if you need a stern talking to, she can still dish it out.
Saturday her daughter's Barb and Janice combined a 94th birthday and Longaberger party to celebrate Jewel's special day. 
The weather was absolutely perfect for her "in the garden" party.

Most of the gals are gathered in the warm California sun enjoying their lunch.
Here is Jewel the birthday girl with her daughter Janice. Look at that adorable silver stream bird house to the right of Jewels head.
My Longaberger display is up and ready to go ....

One side of the beautiful garden. The little table holds a plate where Barb put the peanuts for the blue jays. Within seconds they are swooping down to collect their treasures. So fun to watch them!
Another side of the yard is home to this vintage bicycle with the Longaberger bicycle basket attached to the front. Two more bird houses are dangling from the tree to the right. The back yard is filled with wonderful trees and they have fun, unique birdhouses hanging all over the place! So fun back there ...
This family loves the AnaLee dolls featured here. Barb contacted their offices and requested they make a special 94th birthday mouse. They were honored to be a part of this special occasion and made the custom creation especially for Jewel.

Happy Birthday my dear friend. May you have many, many more.

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