Friday, May 23, 2014

In Memory .....

In approximately 30 minutes Pacific time many red blooded Americans will kick off the unofficial summer holiday. It's an unwritten rule ... Memorial Day kicks off summer and Labor Day wraps it up. Motor homes with bicycles strapped to their backs will be heading out of town along with motorcycles to the deserts while others will head off to the many beaches that line the Pacific Coast. Unfortunately many Americans will forget to pay homage to those that this Memorial Day holiday was originally established to remember. 
In my family, Memorial Day was always a day to reflect on those family members, and others who fought for our great country and lost their greatest treasure, their lives. 
Today, while placing my fresh new American flags out on my front lawn I began to think about how many members in my family fought for this great country.


The earliest war veteran I have record of is my Great Great Uncle Phillip Geiger. He served in the Civil War in the Ohio 3rd Infantry. Unfortunately he died much to young for any family member to learn anything about him. He is interred in the Geiger Family plot in Logan Ohio. Each year, the Veterans of Foreign Wars lay a flag and a commemorative metal on his grave.

The next generation to fight in the wars protecting America were my Paternal - Grandfather, Edward Pritts. And a my maternal Great Uncle Bernard Factor. Both of these men would serve in World War I. My grand father fought in France at the battle of Argon where he would receive a Bronze Star for wound received in battle.
This document was signed by President Woodrow Wilson  ... the bronze star is on the lower left.
 They both returned home at the end of the war.
The final two men to serve were my dad - Paul Pritts and his brother, my uncle Leonard. My dad served in the Pacific Theater and was one of the men sent into clean up Nagasaki Japan after the ravages of the atomic bomb. My dad was so horribly affected by his war experiences that he would never watch a war movie or discuss his years in the war.
My uncle would serve his time at the latter part of the war in Germany. In their honor I want to thank these 5 men for protecting my right to be free.

My flags are out!
And they are on display inside as well ....

 While you celebrate this holiday take a few minutes to say "Thank You"

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