Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Farewell to the Island ....

Our week on Catalina Island passed so quickly. About the time I finally settle in and get things working right it's time to pack it all up and head back to the main land. My final post will be a farewell to the many sites and experiences we had.

The Pirates Lair is the name the Kidd Family gave their cottage many, many years ago. It is quite common for the locals to give names to their homes. This oar hangs proudly in the front of their home.

This photograph hangs inside the house to remind the family of their old home before they remodeled! Dee's father bought this little cottage when it was still a "camp tent." It had one bedroom, one bath a tiny kitchen and living room.
And the house today. In 2002 they remodeled the beach cottage into a two story, three bedroom, three bathroom home with a guest house in the back. I don't know who these chuckle heads are blocking the view!
This is the living room ....
and the kitchen! Behind the cabinets is the staircase to the bedrooms.
We made a new friend in town, his name is Jaco, a French Bulldog who works at the toy store. He was adorable!
Clarissa Ave, a quaint cottage lined street nestled in the hills. Flying the American flag is very popular on the island and I loved it!!!
Tiffany snuggled up on our way to dinner for a Buffalo Burger ...
Almost all of the shops on Crescent Ave. have the local made Catalina Pottery tiles adorning their store fronts. This is two separate shops, the one on the left was originally the bank and the decor is very ornate for the era. It now is the home of CC Gallagher's. A perfect spot for morning latte's and pastries and and evening glass of wine.
A close up of two lion heads sitting atop the tiles ...
A couple more shops, the right side are very old tiles from the 40's and are still a vibrant shade of blue. The shop to the left has a newer facade complete with flying fish, also local inhabitants of the ocean!
Saturday morning we were dock side waiting for our Catalina Express to take us home.
Once we got under way we zipped past a barge. These huge vessels are how the locals receive their groceries, building supplies etc ... It takes several hours for the barge to make it's way across the 26 miles.
Arriving into the Los Angeles harbor we pass the dome that once housed Howard Hughes Spruce Goose Airplane along side the Queen Mary.
She is one enormous Ship! During WWII England commissioned her as a war ship. She was repainted battle ship gray and fondly dubbed the "Gray Lady." Currently the Princess Diana" exhibit is on display inside the great lady of the sea.
Betsy and Joe are both happy to be home. Betsy learned to ride on the scooter with her papa Joe, sail on a boat, cruise the island hillsides in a golf cart and share a taxi with the island locals. She was so happy to get in her own car and her own bed!
Thanks for joining me on my trip. Sometime soon Betsy has shared she is eager to share the vacation from her point of view .... this should be very interesting!

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