Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Inspiration

I had the most pleasant surprise this afternoon. I have been eager to see the new movie "The Christmas Candle" and my daughter and her fiance' were sweet enough to join me. So there we were sitting in the theater with 3 other people. I am a sucker for 19th century period movies especially set in England. To my pleasure this was exactly the setting for the Christmas Candle. As the movie began and the introductory credits rolled I was surprised to see Max Lucado was the writer. He has written several stories that I adore and each has a christian undertone. 

The Christmas Candle is a wonderful story of faith, miracles, and love set in the quaint village of Candlebury, England. This is an absolute must see movie. Load up your family and head to your local theater, it will touch your heart like no other Christmas story. Bring tissues, it's that good. Perhaps more then 6 people will fill your theaters!


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