Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pretty Snazzy Mail boxes!
Where Does the Time Go????

Since my last post I have packed up our home of the past 20 years (yikes, did we accumulate a lot of stuff!) Moved to a smaller and more manageable single story home and hosted a breast cancer fund raiser for 50 ladies 10 days after the move. All with the help of my dear friend Amy who lives in Wyoming.

Moving is AWFUL. The longer you live in a place, the more you collect and the more you have to get rid of. 25 trips to the Goodwill, 2 huge industrial sized dumpsters, 3 yard sales, and shredded 60 boxes of legal files. Holy Cow, I can't believe there was so much "stuff" to move along.

It's been 6 months now and slowly I am feeling settled into our new home. Just like losing a job or a loved one moving is an emotional loss. A transition that I wanted, a move that was necessary for my hubby's safety, (getting him off the stairs) yet difficult just same.

So, with this said I will be attempting to blog once again. There have been many changes to my blog program and I am using a new computer! With a little luck and a few clicks of my ruby red slippers I hope to be traveling down the yellow brick road once again!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day ....

Labor Day to me conjures up memories of giving birth to my two wonderful children.  In my entire life I don't remember laboring so hard to get something, keeping something safe, caring for for it's well-being and so on. Motherhood is a labor of love, complete, un-conditional love.

So, to all of you mother's out there who "labored" to get your loved ones here enjoy today, we've earned it!

Friday, August 28, 2015

NO! I'm not Dead ....

Contrary to some beliefs I am not dead. I'm just sick and tired of this summer heat. I have absolutely no energy to do anything. The sweat runs down my face and into my eyes until I just want to scream! In all honesty all I have done is what is absolutely necessary to sustain life for myself, my hubby and the two dogs.

Oh! did I say two dogs ... yep, I finally got my adorable King Louie the III about 6 weeks ago. 

10 week old Louie on his way to Grandma's house ...
 He is 100% French Bulldog with an emphasis on "bull"dog. My poor little Boston Terrier Betsy is getting a run for her money. She just celebrated her 10th birthday and keeping up with a 4 month old puppy has been a challenge for both her and myself!  My days are filled with poop scooping, wee cleaning, picking up shredded everything (his favorite thing to do is shred paper!) and playing. Once a day I get on the floor and roll around with both the dogs, this can be dangerous!!

Due to the extreme heat Mr. Louie had decided it was a perfect time to create a snow storm in the back of the SUV. My husband keeps paper towels back there for cleaning emergencies.  He managed to create this chaos in about 10 minutes. It's good to be King ..
Making snow can be quite exhausting. As soon as I pulled the clean sheets out of the dryer Louie was making a nest for his much needed nap.  He's the same color as our sheets!
We have had a few tolerable days allowing outings to baseball games.  Most recently Cal State Fullerton was represented at the Angels game. As a graduate from the University my daughter wanted to go ....

Here we are in our matching Angels/Fullerton hats and sunglasses. It was a great time watching our team lose ...
Our "F" side of the hat!
As I wrap up this post I am enjoying the fact that the sun has set and I'm under the illusion that the air out side is cooler ... False illusion, it's a cool 87% at 8:00 p.m. I fear it is going to be another warm, miserable night ....

Charlie Brown to Snoopy, it's another beautiful sun set ... to bad it's so dang hot!

PS ... When is Fall???

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Birthday America and ME!

  Welcome to our Home!!

I love the 4th of July for many reasons but I do have to admit my biggest reason for loving this day is it's my BIRTHDAY! Yep, 62 years ago Anita Pritts made her entrance into the world. I was blessed with wonderful parents who raised me in a typical 1960's suburban neighborhood in Long Beach, California.
Life was good.

At 62 I find myself reflecting on many things and most importantly counting my blessings. God has blessed my life in so many ways from amazing parents giving me two wonderful children, 3 grandchildren, my patient husband Joe and many, many friends. As an only child I found myself selecting my own siblings as I grew up. My friendships have become an integral part of my life.

So I say to all of these important people in my life  "Thank You" for loving and caring for me for so many years!

A yummy creme' Brûlée on the wharf in San Clemente ...

Shopping and lunch at the French General Fabric store and lunch at Julienne's with Penny and Debbie ...

I even look at my home as a friend. I love my home, where it is located, the people who come to visit and all the things that I have collected, made and have been given as gifts are all part of who I am.

My kitchen island is decorated for the 4th as well!
Come in, have a tutu wearing glass of wine and share in the freedom we all enjoy!
FREEDOM, that's what the Revolutionary War was all about. It's what AMERICA is all about ....

Friday, July 3, 2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Quilting I will Go!

I woke up this morning to find the stars were in their proper alignment and I was able to go quilting at one of my favorite quilt shops, The Orange Quilt Bee in ... where else, the city of Orange! I love this little shop and the shops girls are just the sweetest gals ever.

This beauty truly exemplifies the shop. Beautiful Bee blocks all over the place. This will be offered as a block of the month. Go to theorangequiltbee.com if you're interested in this adorable quilt. Tell Lisa or Candy,
Anita sent you!!

Because they are such a popular shop the sew at the shop space has become very limited so when I was told they would have some space I packed up my Longaberger basket and shuttled myself down there. I took hand work this time and I got every single piece done, woo hoo.

The first piece is from Primitive Quilters Magazine and I LOVE it. It looks so perfect in my Americana bathroom.

The newest one is on the left, this one little quilt shares three of my favorite things. Quilts, baskets and of course American flags.

These two are table topper size. On the right is my wool appliqué' table topper for summer and on the left is an Americana table topper made for a dear friend. With these now completed I can focus on my Christmas gifts for this year. 

Like they say ..."so many quilts, so little time."