Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Quilting I will Go!

I woke up this morning to find the stars were in their proper alignment and I was able to go quilting at one of my favorite quilt shops, The Orange Quilt Bee in ... where else, the city of Orange! I love this little shop and the shops girls are just the sweetest gals ever.

This beauty truly exemplifies the shop. Beautiful Bee blocks all over the place. This will be offered as a block of the month. Go to if you're interested in this adorable quilt. Tell Lisa or Candy,
Anita sent you!!

Because they are such a popular shop the sew at the shop space has become very limited so when I was told they would have some space I packed up my Longaberger basket and shuttled myself down there. I took hand work this time and I got every single piece done, woo hoo.

The first piece is from Primitive Quilters Magazine and I LOVE it. It looks so perfect in my Americana bathroom.

The newest one is on the left, this one little quilt shares three of my favorite things. Quilts, baskets and of course American flags.

These two are table topper size. On the right is my wool appliqué' table topper for summer and on the left is an Americana table topper made for a dear friend. With these now completed I can focus on my Christmas gifts for this year. 

Like they say ..."so many quilts, so little time."

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