Monday, June 22, 2015

Prepping for the Grandkids!!

I spoke to my son yesterday to wish him a Happy Father's Day. As a father of 3 children, 4 adorable French Bull dog puppies, two beautiful aged dogs and a slew of fishes I thought he deserved a greeting from his mama. I was so excited to get the news that he and the family (including 3 puppies) will be coming down July 5!! My grandson, Austin will be attending his first week long baseball camp at Cal State Fullerton!! He is so excited, and so am I! While he's at camp the girls and I will do a craft each day in-between swimming.

Here's the plan ... one day we'll paint the little bird houses and they can go home and sit them in mommy's atrium window in the kitchen. Another day we can paint the boxes all sorts of pretty colors then glue one of the big pretty flowers on the top. These will be perfect for the girls to store all their little treasures in their bedrooms. The markers are for the masks on a stick, once these are done I think I'll have a little masquerade party! Oh what fun. On the final day we will make cupcakes and the girls can decorate them.  We will do this on Austin's final day of camp to celebrate his accomplishments on the field!! We'll even do some that look like baseballs for him! With hours and hours in the swimming pool, a few trips to Toys R Us and Arts and Crafts the week will fly by and I'll be so sad to see them go home. 

This grandma hopes all you grandmas have a fun, craft filled summer with your loved ones as well!

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