Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Preparing for an American Summer!

Just ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you "Anita, yes, she loves the red white and blue!"

As the days grow longer and the air feels warmer I get the itch to decorate my house with red, white and blue. Both the inside as well as the out. 

We BBQ'd on Memorial Day so I got myself busy scrubbing patio furniture and the concrete.  Chased away spiders and bugs who had made my patio their home for the winter. I popped in flags where ever they would fit!

Placed high on the chimney is a spray of 5 flags. I love how the blow in the breeze every afternoon.
Dining table. The quilt was made by Penny many, many years ago.  Even then the Red, White and Blue was prominent in my home.
A few of my favorite things .... Antiques, Flags and Quilts ....
Even my quilts have flags!
My friend Amy is in town this week and of course we had to shop at a few of our favorite places. This beautiful picture was taken at our local Walmart store. Walmart has an amazing collection of Americana goods!

To finish today's post is Miss Betsy Ross of Boston. As the Americana holidays approach she gets very patriotic as well!

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