Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yes, I Do Use my Longaberger!

I have been a blogger for over a year now. Initially my focus was on my Longaberger Basket business, hence the name Betsy Ross Baskets. However, like everything else I tend to wonder all over my life when I tell a story. Recently I received a comment asking me where "Longaberger" came into my life as she didn't see me post many pictures of the products. So tonight I will rein myself in and share some pictures of my personal Longaberger collection in use in my own home. They have become such a part of my life and my decor that I fail to feature them as I should!
Our lattice tray is on my fireplace mantel along with pewter pieces and my Santa collectibles .... This basket comes in warm brown, rich brown and black stain along with a clear glass insert.
Many mini's and some very old timers! The miniature woven traditions pottery pieces are from our Collector's Club collection along with the miniature Umbrella Basket and Stand set. On top of my primitive pie safe are three of my early 80's treasures filled with small pine trees for Christmas.
Two passions in one spot! This is an award basket I received many years ago filled with my doll quilts and touches of pine.
Gate House baskets ... these lovely and very large baskets have two purposes. During the pre-Christmas season they hang on my stair rail and on Christmas Eve they become our stockings for Santa to fill!
 Our small lantern filled with a Santa (wearing a basket on his back!!) and a small pine tree.
My basket tree! Love this great invention, this is the place I hang the baskets that I use a lot! They are wearing a few doll quilts and some holiday greenery for Christmas.
Believe it or not there are eight Longaberger ornaments attached to this Longaberger wreath, there will be four more added to this by the time it's finished.
A pewter Longaberger lamp and our Snowman's hat hang out together in the living room near the tree.
Speaking of tree, I have all of my Tree Trimming basket tucked into our Christmas three, here are a few ...
2012 Little Drum Basket ...

  Peppermint Tree Trimming Basket and another one from the 90's!

So, yes! I do have products in my home and yes I do use them all the time!! I hope you enjoyed my Longaberger Holiday tour.

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