Friday, December 7, 2012

In the Midst of Christmas Joy ....

71 Years ago today my husbands father, Robert Taylor SR, was enjoying the beauty of the Hawaiian sunrise. Within moments all hell broke loose and his home away from home, the USS California, was under attack. The ships crew was ordered to abandon ship and they did. Smart decision, the California sank into the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean in Pearl Harbor. Along with her sister ship the Arizona.

December 7 1941, the sinking of the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor.
Time stood still as the Japanese "zero's" bombarded the American Naval Fleet. A total of four American ships sunk that day and 2,402 people were killed. America entered WWII and our way of life after this date was forever changed. 
In the joy of our preparations for the upcoming holidays please take a moment to remember the men that gave up their lives for us and say a silent prayer.

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