Monday, December 24, 2012

The Story of Christmas ....

I am such a traditionalist ... meaning I do many things year after year from tradition and/or habit! I decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day or the day after and I ALWAYS start the decorating with the movie Jingle All the Way ... it just makes me laugh and puts me in a jolly spirit. Once that movie is done I move on to Christmas with the Kranks ... what were they thinking!!! Skip Christmas!! That's pure blasphemy! Once the decorating is done I begin to wrap, this takes me a long time so I need to start early! I love to look at the pretty packages under the tree so beginning early is very important! And the list goes on and on. Today is Christmas Eve, the beginning of the reason for this wonderful season. To launch the day I begin with coffee, a treat of some sort to go with it and my viewing of A Charlie Brown Christmas. My FAVORITE part of the movie is when Linus takes center stage and shares his story of the true meaning of Christmas. His little child's voice telling the story of the Angels visit always, and I mean always brings tears to my eyes.

The rest of my day will be filled with last minute wrapping, preparing a pot of warm, yummy soup for us to enjoy after we attend our "traditional" trip to Family Mass at 4:30 this afternoon. This tradition began when my own children were small and would participate in the Christmas Eve mass. Now we continue to go to see the little ones dressed in red velvet dresses on the girls and little bow ties on the boys. They are so excited to see the babe in the manger and sing Happy Birthday on his arrival.

I will wrap up my evening with watching A Christmas Carol starring George C. Scott (my favorite version) while filling my families stockings. Yes, we are all adults now but they still get stockings! I fill them with the normal necessities, a few silly toys and one special gift. Finally I go to bed and get rested up for the big day!

I have not learned how to attach a YouTube video correctly, however if you highlight the attachment below and right click on it you will be taken to the Charlie Brown Christmas clip of Linus reciting his message!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!


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