Saturday, December 15, 2012

Logan's Candies since 1933!

We had such a fun evening on Thursday! Amy and I loaded into the car and away we went to Logan's Candy store in old town Ontario! Logan's originally opened in 1933 and were located on Euclid Ave. In 1953, the year of my birth, they re-located to "B" Street and have remained there ever since. Going inside their shop after 20 years was like a step back in time ... everything was the same as it had been clear back to 1953. 

Isn't the sign great!!
This is soon to be something really yummy ...
Beautiful peppermint ribbon candy! These two are the current owners of Logan's Candies. She looks exhausted and I'm sure she was! Behind her are jars full of all sorts of ribbon candy  flavors ...
The worlds longest candy cane was made right at Logan's! All those white buckets are filled to the rim with different candy canes!
Jerry is holding 400 candy canes! Yep, in a few minutes he will begin stretching this big block into a lot of candy canes, by the end of the 6 week holiday season Jerry anticipates he will make 30,000 and they will all be sold!! I find that amazing.
 The Candy Cane making demonstration began at 5:30 sharp and there must have been a least 30 of us crammed in this small little store to watch Jerry at his craft. I felt like a little kid again. Being in the "crone" phase of my life has a lot of rewards!!
Phase 2 of the cane making process ....
TaDa, it's all done! A beautiful peppermint candy cane.
Just look at all those adults watching the candy maker create his masterpiece!!
After Jerry got on a roll he invited all of us to make/ create out own candy can ... how hard can this be? I saw his wife doing it over and over and it looked really easy!!
This is me working on my master piece ....
And .... here it is, bent and really sad looking!! It is warm when you are molding and you have 20 seconds before it gets to cold to shape, you need to work slow so you don't crack it but you need to be fast .... makes no sense to me!  

After a great candy cane making experience we decided to take a drive to see the Christmas lights in Alta Loma. Oh my goodness these people get into the spirit. They were selling pop corn, sodas, hot cocoa, Mexican Churro's, tamales, candy apples and who knows what else all in the front yards of their homes. I guess you have to make money somehow to pay for  the huge power bill!

This is a shot of my favorite house ... it is the red white and blue house!! So very cool.

We finished up the light tour and headed home to my dismal light display! If you have a shop in your town that makes a special Christmas treat be sure to take the time to go experience the flavor of the season!!
 Merry Christmas

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  1. That was the best candy cane I ever tasted. It really did taste different than the store bought. Thank you Anita! I think Debbie and I are going to take a drive there soon.