Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Arrived EARLY!!

Yesterday I got home from grocery shopping and my front porch was loaded with boxes!! Woohoo!! Two belonged to my daughter and the others were mine! One was huge .... AND I had no idea who it was from. Here is a picture of this gigantic box.
Here it is! Someone shipped my my very own Big Game Tree Stand. What I have learned (since I am NOT a huntress) is you stand this thing next to a tree, the hunter climbs it and sits up there so very quiet and waits for a wild critter to come by and boom, shoots him from above. Now really, is that fair? OK, so this box is wrapped in layers of Saran wrap. I brake out the scissors and start working my way in.
At first I thought this box was delivered to the wrong house, once I broke into the layers of Saran I could plainly see my name on the box. OK, it's from Ohio .... I haven't ordered anything from Ohio...  
I'm finally in! Woohoo, it's black and it's made of wood so far so good.    
More Saran, (this place must have stock in the Saran Warp Co.) you have got to be kidding me. This has been harder to get into then Fort Knox!! It looks like a giant crutch ... hummm. Got busy and started unwrapping the saran wrap ....

TaDa, here it is!! It's a Quilt Crane! What?? You don't know what a quilt crane is?? Let me explain, you attach the large end to the wall and you drape a quilt/blanket over the arm ...
And it will look something like this! I can probably fit two on here, that is if they're not to heavy. The arm will swing to the other side as well so I can hang where ever I choose! I'll post it's final resting place once its up. Who sent it you ask? Well t came from my very dear friend Paula.

This nice little card was inside the box.  Thank you so much my friend, I love it and can't wait to get it up.

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  1. WOW... That is a great gift! Good job Paula! Ralph aka Tanya