Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas isn't Coming ... It's Here!

Oh my goodness has Christmas truly arrived. This is my weekend of parties, woo hoo. Friday night I met together with two very old and very dear friends. Seventeen years ago I invited the two of them over for a Christmas luncheon and a tradition was born. Every year since that time just the three of us meet at one of our homes, we rotate yearly, and catch up on a years worth of news. This year, however, we did something a bit different. Our hostess, Debbie took Penny and I to a Christmas dinner at her church and it was so wonderful.
We first met at Debbie's warm, cozy home in Chino Hills and enjoyed hot cider, and fresh dried cherry scones warm from the oven. Oh they just melted in your mouth!

A small portion of Debbie's table scape. Ironically I gave Debbie a bag of Cherry Scone Mix as a little hostess gift and she was serving cherry scones! Great minds think alike.

I loved how she is using our Longaberger Drum Christmas basket as a tea caddy on her table! I wanted a picture so I won't forget to use this idea in my home!
After we chatted a bit and enjoyed our scones we got down to the business of gift giving!! Love this part!! Debbie gave Penny and I our ticket to the Christmas dinner along with a new book from the author Jesus Calling. I really enjoy those little daily books such a calm way to begin my day.
Isn't Penny so pretty! She and I are all about sewing, inside her box was a little bit of Longaberger and a little bit of sewing ... she was a happy camper!
Debbie with her soon to be treasures. She was teasing me earlier that I give her extra large gifts ... i.e., the BIG red bell on her table (above) a very large pomegranate on her kitchen sink and one of my gifts to her this year, (on the left) was a huge W with the phrase "Wise Men Still Seek Him" carved into the wood. When she opened it she laughed because once again I went large!

And me ... this was from Penny! A great quilting project tote, with fabric (of course) and a new walking foot for my sewing machine!!! I am so excited to try it out. You don't know about walking feet hehe, they are used to do the quilting portion of making a quilt!
I neglected to take any pictures of the dinner but it was so lovely. Each hostess decorates her own table in a Christmas theme. There are vendors lining the room with wonderful things to purchase and after a delicious catered dinner we were entertained by a woman who sang, played the guitar and shared her thoughts of "Bringing Christmas into the Home." It was such a great evening with great friends ....

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