Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another HUGE Box ...

Last Thursday I went shopping at the Arnett Country Stores online sale. Oh boy did I shop! One of the problems with online shopping (there are several) is size ... you really don't get the concept of the size of the items you are buying! You see it in print, process it (some what) than when it arrives BAM, it's huge!! 
One of my decorating passions are primitives ... they are VERY hard to shop for in Southern California, thus I do it online, or when I have the opportunity to travel to Ohio.
Today my box arrived from my online shopping spree from Frankfurt, IL. and yikes, I was shocked to see how big it was.
I pumped a little iron to build up my muscles and proceeded to drag this beast into the house. Do you notice that it is almost as tall as my hand rail??
I've cracked the code ... I'm into the box ....

Literally in the box, no kidding, this is so big I could ship myself somewhere! I wonder if I could ship myself to England for an Olde English Christmas? I could pack some power bars and bottled water for the trip east! Hummm, something to definitely consider .... 

Ohhh, I'm getting closer to the treasures, can you tell what they are yet?

Oh my, isn't he just too cute! He's wearing a dark green/black wool robe and hat and has really intense blue eyes.
The Patriot ... great eyes ... and fairy dust ....
Look at the size difference! Yikes, and he's not the tallest ... Love the Patriot's hat, the bell comes all the way down to the hem of his jacket.
Are you beginning to see what I see? Mr. Kringle is HUGE!!! Look how he towers over the Santa to his left. He is the size of a child, no I am not kidding! He is a full head taller than the shipping box.  He had to be packed in there sideways...
This is only half the packing from the box, I think there is enough paper here to print the Sunday newspaper!

Mr. Kringle has found a new home ... at least for the moment. He is almost as tall as the ladder. Doesn't his face have a lot of character? He looks so soulful and tired ....

And Patriot has found a new home in the Americana powder room. 

 I want to thank Stacee Droit for her amazing work and the facial expressions she gives to each piece of her Santa's. I was blessed to find three unique pieces that are one of a kind. 
.... and as he flew out of site he said "Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight." ....


  1. Oh what fun! I love them!

    Merry, merry!

  2. WOW Anita, that was one BIG box and all the paper... I LOVE the largest Santa... Very cool! Merry Christmas... Ralph