Friday, March 1, 2013

Atlantis ... My Final Post

It's been two weeks since our trip to Atlantis and I'm finally shaking the rotten cold from HELL! My poor husband is now the carrier and I feel so bad for passing it on to him. I told him I could have stayed in the Bahamas until it was gone from my body but he wasn't too excited about that option!

I have just a few more snaps to share and then I will move on to another adventure ... I promise!

A new visor to wear to the water slides ....

A view of Nassau from our room.

Our West Tower at night, so beautiful!

Tiffany and I in our First Class seats heading to the Bahamas!

SHARK tank! If look carefully you will see a tube running through the tank, this is the tube we went through at the water slide and visited the sharks! So cool!!
The White Nite dinner table decor.

Tami Longaberger, Me and Amy

Amy and Tiffany at the White Nite dinner.
Lobby on our final day ...

Day 5, ready to go, waiting for the airport shuttle ... wearing my $$$$ sweatshirt ....
Tiffany's luggage weight, it's gonna get on the plane!

Almost to Los Angeles, final approach .....

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