Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It Finally Happened ....

My daughter, Tiffany is a mere 34 years old. She has never been impulsive by nature. She thinks things through before making a purchase, selecting a job, planning a vacation ... ask Ms G, our common friend! So it has taken her many years to select a partner. Tiffany and Shawn met in April almost two years ago, just that alone speaks volumes!! Tiffany would date a fella a few months and poof, he was gone. This my blogging friends went on for years and then came Shawn. I just love this kid, he's wonderful to everyone, he will do anything we need, let's Betsy the blog master walk all over him and best of all, he genuinely loves my daughter. Flaws, faults and all.
Shawn had an idea in mind about how he wanted to propose and asked for my help. So off we went to the bridal shop to look at wedding shoes. This is important since my daughter makes Imelda Marcos look poor when it comes to shoes. She LOVES shoes!
We cruised around the shop looking at several styles of shoes, I expressed my likes ... which looked nothing like Shawn's choice I must add.
The store did not have "the" shoes in her size so they needed to be ordered. They arrived Monday and the plan was to take her to dinner on Thursday to a favorite place, give her the box all wrapped up and once she saw the shoes he would pop the proverbial question.
They leave Friday morning for a trip to Spring Training in Arizona to watch the Angels get ready for their baseball season. So much for Thursday night dinner ... I just received a phone call from an excited daughter, she got her shoes. Shawn couldn't wait, he picked up the shoes, tied her ring onto the shoes and was ready when she came home from work. No fancy dinner, nobody watching to document the moment, no pictures ... such a guy! I love so much that he knew exactly what he wanted to do and he went with it! 
Congratulations to you both ... Joe and I are thrilled!
If you knew my daughter you would be giggling, she loves sparkle and bling and these shoes have it all! Can you see the ring tied to the shoe???
     PS  She LOVES her shoes, he knows her so well!


  1. I'm so excited and HAPPY for them both! Congrats to the happy couple! and to you and Joe too! Now the planning begins :)

  2. PS: LOVE the shoes and the RING!!!