Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Loose Leprechaun ....

I love the holidays ... all the holidays, even today, St. Patrick's Day and I'm not even Irish, well I am a tiny bit Irish on my paternal grandma's side. However, I think I have met my match on celebrating the holidays!! Yep, my daughter in law Lacey has done the absolute cutest thing to celebrate St. Paddy's day.
This is their bathroom!! Isn't this just too cute? Lacey did this early this morning so when the kids get up they will see that a renegade leprechaun visited their house!! I just love it! She has glitter floating on top of the water because after all leprechauns are magical! 

 I can hardly wait to see what happens with the Easter bunny! Enjoy your day and wear some green or you'll get pinched!

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