Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Bit of Quilting .....

Since my return home from Atlantis I have found myself staying home and nestled in my sewing room. I finished a few projects, started a new one and made a cute little heart pillow to accompany a small quilt.
This beautiful quilt is called "Tobacco Rose" I had it custom quilted and I love how it turned out. I have made numerous quilts in the past 6 years and this is the one my husband is in love with. Finally! He claims it's all the brown that he likes .... oddly enough his son flew in for his Spring break from teaching and he's liking it a well. Hummm, must be a man thing!
A new doll quilt kit from Country Sampler in Spring Green WI. I love the grey and red combination it has. My Santos angel loves it a well!

A cute little pillow is made from the scraps of another small quilt kit! The quilt is completed, just not "quilted." This is part of my turning 60 gifts from my sweet friend Paula! That about does it for this weekend!

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