Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Little this and a Little of That ....

March has been a difficult month. It began with the 10th anniversary of my mom's death quickly followed with the stomach/intestinal flu. Which has not been in any hurry to make it's exit. I spent yesterday and a portion of today getting my papers in order to visit Brad, my tax guy. Yuk. Just like Christmas, tax season rolls around far to fast!
However, I have had some time to finish some quilts to take to the long arm quilter next week. Visit Balboa Island to buy some new sparkly flip flops and to take a few snaps around the house.
I found this very cute set of children's bowling pins and ball at the 1840's blog. LOVE them they are so cute, Audrey has the best stuff for sale on her blog! To give you an idea of their size they are standing in front of a Longaberger medium market basket! I really adore old children's toys ....

Longaberger has introduced their new Wish List and along with many beautiful baskets, pottery and wrought iron pieces we also have a few new home decor items. These beautiful wooden stars for example! They also have notches drilled in the back making them easy to hang on the wall!

My daughter Tiffany happened across these little bracelets at Nordstrom one day and they were calling my name. They are from Alex and Ani. They are made in Rhodes Island and their designer promotes positive energy. I was originally drawn to the St. Christopher bracelet ... the quote "Guide my Path" really hit home.  I have felt at a loss and in need of guidance so this found it's way to my wrist! My most recent purchase is the gold tone Mother Mary bracelet. I love the shape and she reminds me of my mom. As a child all the women in my family wore "holy" medals, usually if their patron saint. If you see these in a local shop stop and check them out, they have zodiacs, initials, sports teams etc.

Each bracelet had these 3 little tags attached. One is a made in America tag, Alex and Ani tag and a recycled tag. The 3 of them make a nice little jingle when you where them!
And what do we have here!! This is my Origami Owl necklace. I love how the trend has shifted to mixing all the metal tones together. My Living Locket is gold, the chain is silver, the charms are a blend of both and I also have a crystal bauble!! So much fun the mix and match. More on Origami Owl later.

And finally ... tomorrow is craft day with the ladies. We will be making ribbon eggs for Easter. The table is ready with their supplies and a little chocolate ....

All I need to do now is make their lunch!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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