Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Candy Making with Judi!

I have been battling a flu bug for the past week but decided today was the day to get out of the house and breath in some fresh air! My Longaberger branch meeting was this morning then followed by chocolate candy sucker making!! I have never made chocolate suckers and have always wanted to learn so we rolled up our sleeves and dug in!
Aren't these so pretty! These are all melted pastel chocolates, we used them to "paint" flowers, bows, bunny ears etc!! The caramel looking one is peanut butter flavor, so yummy!

Our big boss Debbie is putting the final chocolate layer on her Easter basket suckers ....

The tiniest chocolatier is Mr. Ben! Ben is our teacher, Judi's grandson, he's 6 and was my assistant painter. Let me tell ya, for a 6 year old he stuck with us the whole time, painted all his bunnies and all his baskets, quite the little trooper! He gave up going to McDonald's and shopping with his mommy to stay with the old ladies and make suckers. After all, we are a charming fun loving bunch!
Amy and Marty, they are all finished with their chocolates, just waiting for the to firm up to apply the finishing touches.

The gang ... yep, Mr. Ben is still with us, so cute and so noisy. How can one little 6 year old have so much to say? He just cracked me up.

First set of lollie bunnies out of the fridge!
My bunnies! We added their eyes and wrapped them up, all ready to go. Judi gave us our molds and we each took home 8 suckers! It was a lot of work, I have so much more appreciation for candy makers.

My peanut butter Easter baskets!! Love how they turned out. They look so Longaberger-ish, don't you agree?  
See that little foot in the upper left corner? Yep, it belongs to Ben. He thought it was so funny that my feet were in the picture that he wanted a pic of his in there as well. Kids are so funny.

 After I was all done Ben wanted to show me his room and all his Lego's. My grandson is also a Lego lover so Ben thought it was pretty cool that I knew all about Lego stuff. After sitting together all afternoon he finally asked me my name. I said I'm Anita, my grandkids call me Far Away Grandma because I live so far away. He said "can I call you far away grandma too?" Oh, that little guy is a heart stealer ... 

Fun day Judi, Thanks for the class!

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