Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Dustin

31 years ago I gave birth to an 8 lb 12 oz baby boy. In these thirty one years I have made numerous trips to the emergency room to deal with asthma attacks, stitches and broken collar bones 
(3 times!)
I spent hours on a soccer field, a football field, bike racing tracks and listened to an amateur rock star in an upstairs bedroom. Those wonderful teen years were filled with many sleepless nights, smelly boys taking over the family room to play Nintendo and of course girls ... lots of girls! 
Now a man, he has blessed me with three beautiful grandchildren, a wonderful daughter in law and years and scrapbooks full of memories. My hope is for many, many more.
Happy Birthday Dustin ....
A tired birthday boy! Napping with the new family puppy ... Ruby! She's a little French Bulldog, so darling!

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