Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Love Sparkle!!

Spring is here and I can FEEL it in the air! Last Sunday my friend Tanya and I took a little road trip to Balboa Island in Newport Beach. It's a quaint, very crowded Island community nestled in the heart of the Orange County beach community of Newport.
The little island is filled with quaint shops, family owned restaurants, the original "Frozen Banana on a Stick" and DOGS! Yep, the city of Newport allows dogs into all the shops and dining establishments! They even provide fresh water and treats for these very pampered canines.
The actual purpose for the trip was to select a pair of Lori Jack flip flops. I purchased my original pair three years ago and I have worn those poor guys to death. This year I decided a black pair adorned with "Volcano" crystals was just what the season ordered!
OHHH, here they are! The camera can't capture just how sparkly they really are. The color changes every time you move your foot like a prism!!

On my feet!

Another angle. Just love them!!
  So, since we were there and ohhing and awwwing over all the pretty colors Tanya decided her feet needed a pair of sparkly shoes as well ....

Out of all those beautiful colors she bought WHITE. Aren't they beautiful!!

She's not here, Tiffany and I picked them up today so I get to wear them first!! Hehe, keep this our little secret!

Ying and Yang - Happy shoes for happy ladies!

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