Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas with the Adult "Kids"

If you are the parent of adult aged children you will completely relate to this post. My daughter is 34, still single and without children. Thus, she thinks she is still a child on Christmas morning! Every year since she has moved away from home (and that a lot of years) she comes home for Christmas Eve mass ans stays till who knows when! This year we were awakened at 6:00 am to see if Santa had come. Oh yes we did! I would add bright and early to that phrase, however, it was dark outside!!

We stumbled down the stairs,  I made my husband some coffee, built a fire, turned on some Christmas music and we were ready to park ourselves next to the Christmas tree.

This year I played Santa, meaning I handed out gifts to hopefully avoid some tag confusion!
Betsy loves Christmas too, for some reason she really enjoys chewing off the tags from the ribbon .... weird dog.

  Betsy's busy at work!
Tiffany is eager to get started with the gift giving!!
My first gift ... a new memory card for my camera!! Since in soaked my old one in iced coffee I have been limping along with a very small memory card ... spending a lot of time deleting pictures to make room for new ones! I put this on my wish list and my sweet husband made sure it was granted!
My husband Joe digging through tissue to see what Santa brought him ... Cool! It's an IPad!! He was thrilled and I haven't seen him since he opened it ... lost in cyber land.

All of these were left waiting for Tiffany's beau Shawn to arrive  so they can celebrate together ....

He made it! I asked them to open one of my gifts for the two of them first.
These two are such a perfect pair, they are both kids at heart so couldn't resist buying them some silly slippers!
My final picture is Shawn. He is a huge Star Wars fan and with the introduction of the new Star Wars Angry Bird collection I felt he really, really needed this T-Shirt. 
Happy New Year to everyone!!


  1. Aha! I have a Tiffany too and very close the same age, and with a beau! Haha. Your hubby sounds like me getting lost in cyber land. You make an excellent elf :)


  2. Thanks Carol for your kind words! Happy New Year!!