Tuesday, December 4, 2012

National Cookie Day!

Yep, today, December 4th is National Cookie Day. So what did I do today?? Nope I didn't bake cookies, at least not yet!
However, I did do some cookie recipe shopping on the internet and look what I found!
This is on Susan Branch's blog and it is so fun. You just click on the name of the cookie and the recipe pops up! So cool, all those yummy cookies are just a click away. I wasn't able to get it to download to my blog that would allow it to work but all you to do is visit her blog and click on "Willard." and there it is! Poof, just like magic and after all isn't this just the most magical time of the year? 
 I am so relieved to announce that most of my shopping is DONE!! I have just a few things left to pick up, but ... I know where and what I'm getting and that is the hardest part. My home is decorated, some gifts are wrapped so what's left to do?? Have a wonderful time enjoying the season and baking of course!

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