Thursday, December 27, 2012

So Awesome!

I am so excited to share with you the pictures of my new Christmas gifts! Woohoo .... my step son has been here visiting and I put him to work today hanging my new quilt crane. Remember the huge box that arrived a few weeks ago? That had a crutch looking thing inside? Well after carrying it around the house to find just the right spot I settled on the family room wall behind my couch and I LOVE it!!
Here she is .... with a 42 inch arm she is able to hold two quilts. I just love the whale tail details on the hinge that holds the arm. FireCracker Kid did a fabulous job!! Thank you Paula I love, love, love it.
A little different angle ...
While Joey had the drill out I asked if he would hang another gift for me. "Oh sure, why not."!! Shawn, Tiffany's beau bought me a very unique Christmas gift. From being here so many times he has come to realize that I love antiques and unusual things .... that's why I like him so much! Keep in mind we are in Southern California, earthquake country ....

Installed right next to my front door is a solid brass Earthquake Handle. Right after the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake the handles were provided to residents to install in every bedroom doorway to assist in keeping them safe during a quake .... hummm, not sure they would have done any good but it was a good idea.   
It reads - San Francisco Earthquake Handle ....
The handle reads - Hold until the quake stops .... makes sense to me! I think this is one of those things that only a native Californian would find interesting!
San Francisco City Hall 1906 ... do ya think the handle would keep those inside safe???
    There you have it, a few additions to my home.


  1. How about that little surprise for being such a good girl and good friend? I'm so glad you love it. It looks great in your home.
    Now I could use a few of those handles around my home to prevent an earthquake when I fall... hahaha!