Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Blessed Day ....

Today was a day I felt so blessed and loved. I woke to sunny skies, mild temperatures and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! This is a tradition I have each year. I usually begin my holiday decorating while watching the parade followed by Jingle All the Way. Since I decorated my home early this year I was able to curl up on the couch with my dog and watch the parade uninterrupted! It looked so COLD in New York City burrrrr. Once the parade ended I was busy getting my turkey in the oven and prepping the fixens! 
My family was here for dinner along with my good buddy Tanya. We ate to much, drank to much and laughed. They all went shopping after dessert looking for some great deals ... I was just to pooped to fight the crowds and stand in long lines. I had great intentions of posting pictures along with this post but for some reason the site won't let me ... maybe tomorrow!
We hope you and yours had a blessed day as well no matter where you are/were. Enjoy and be Thankful for the blessings we have been given.

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