Thursday, November 21, 2013

Let's Go for a Walk!

After hours of decorating, re-decorating, tweaking and cleaning I think the inside of my home ... minus the tree is ready for Christmas and the grandchildren! I also received an email late last night that my husbands son is flying in from the east coast tomorrow morning for a few days so I got everything put back in order just in the nick of time!!
Walk with me and I'll share with you what I have been up to.

I have an attraction to large rusty bells! I found this beauty at Tai Pan Trading this year and I just love it! Nestled with a twig of pine and a cross stitch Santa made by my dear friend Eileen. I have it sitting right in front of the sofa where I sit most of the time!! This way I can look at them both A LOT!
The very tip top of my Hoosier. I only added one of my small Christmas quilts and some festive greenery to add a touch of holiday cheer!
My kitchen island ...
Another look, and no Santa does not have a black eye! It's a berry that jumped in the pic!
Yep, that is my ceiling! I even decorated on top of the refrigerator. The peppermint sticks were a gift from my pal Paula last Christmas and I love them! They look so perfect in the shaker container.
Making a circle we are in the dining room. My trencher is filled with pine sprigs, a woodland Santa, and a lot of sugar free candy canes. 
Another one of my Christmas obsessions is pictures of my family and friends sitting with Santa Claus ...
On the left are my two children in Santa's Village sitting on Santa's lap. My son was not a happy camper .. To the left is my son all grown up with his own tiny son and Santa. My deceased mom is pictured in both of the other prints. In one she is just cracking up about something! Every time I see it I smile, she loved the holidays and her family so much.
The entry way with a three foot Santa greeting our guests.
"The bench" as I refer to this area of the house ... is decked out.
And Mr. Claus in the other corner with his faithful horse Rudolph! Oh, wait, Rudolph was a reindeer wasn't he. No wonder Mr. Claus never leaves ....
Have a blessed evening!

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