Saturday, May 31, 2014

She's A Grand Ole Flag ....

   Since Memorial Day I have been in an all American mood! I asked my friend Tanya to join me in a little trip to our favorite garden ... Roger's Gardens! Granted, it is the  BEST at Christmas time but the glory of Spring was also amazing.
However, my interest lied in the home decor section specifically the Americana decor! They do an amazing job with every season so I new I wouldn't be disappointed.
I forget my camera so I only took a few pics using my cell phone. For some reason I don't do as well with the phone as I do a camera so bare with me.

The patriotic umbrellas may look familiar to you ... I bought two of them last year on sale! They are currently displayed on my patio table but I am very tempted to hang them upside down over the table!! I love how this looks.

Here is Tanya ready to enter the gardens! I think she was talking to me when I snapped this pictures and she will kill me when she see's how good it looks ... I told you I'm bad with a cell phone camera!    

I love these trunks. I was fortunate enough to receive one a gift filled with a quilt kit last year from my friend Paula! The wonderful pennant decorated with an eagle was one of the few things I brought home with me. Keep an eye open, you will see it later this summer in my home!
Speaking of home ... I spent some time a few nights ago decorating a small vignette for baseball season! I usually have it done before now, however,better late then never!

A few of my many Angels Mickey Mouse players ....

While I was setting this up guess who came on TV?? Yep, it's my boys of summer. Score 3 to 0 Angels.
As you can see my little set up is just above the TV, right where I can see it everyday of baseball season!!

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