Sunday, May 25, 2014

Awesome Collectibles Home Tour!!

I guess I just didn't have enough of touring homes ... today I went out to my dear friend Tanya's house so we could rummage through some of the local antique shops in her home town of Redlands. If you're not familiar with the city of Redlands here is a brief synopsis.
This beautiful city is nestled at the foot of the Cleveland National Forest and in it's hay day this fertile land was covered in citrus. The railroad came through bringing wealthy investors from the east eager to settle in the warm California climate. Beautiful Victorian Mansions line the historic boulevards reminding the locals and visitors alike of the rich history this community holds. 
It's no wonder that the antique shops are bursting with beautiful pieces from the past.
Fortunately for me, Tanya's home was better then any antique shop. She and I have similar taste in collectibles so I just filled my eye balls with all of her treasures! I quickly grabbed my IPhone to snap a few quick pictures to share.

Of course this cute trough caught my eye! It's packed full of wonderful quilted treasures. The one in the front on the right was made by our friend Barbara Miller. It is a memory quilt of Tanya's dad who passed away not to long ago. Tanya has been learning to quilt and several of these are some of her creations!
The Wilton Pewter Co. made this wonderful pewter plate to commemorate the Redlands community. Those round things are citrus trees.
Some little Putz sheep ... a tiny sewing machine and some jax are just a few treasures on this little shelf.
Here is something I had never seen before. The tall plate like items in the back with paper attached to them are memo holders. You hang the plate on the wall and the U shaped piece is on a spring holding the memo's in place. Very cool! Wonderful small lamps another sewing machine and a cute oil can ... Love it all!
I tried everyone of these door nobs and not one of them opened anything!
LOVED this little cabinet. The doors are so cute when they are closed. Tanya has a cute display of small pewter mugs and blocks tucked inside and a cute little quilt draped over the door. The pewter minute man in the center tried really hard to jump in my pocket!
These two fellas came all the way from the Cobblestone Cottage shop! They are carved by hand and so darn cute.
Another wall of beautiful crosses ... each one has a story of it own to tell ....
And the final picture has got to be the best ... 
 Can you tell what this mangled  mess is?? Yep, its toys!! Dino, dragons, snakes and Godzilla numerous treasures belonging to Tanya's grandson. Any grandmother in the world would covet a treasure trove like this knowing it makes a loved one happy in her home.
Hope you enjoyed another tour!

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