Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tour Preparations ....

Why is it when you have an idea and you get all excited about it and you set it into motion and then the day grows close that you ask yourself "who's idea was this anyway!"
Today I asked myself that very thing. The temperature has been in the 100's all week and the Santa Ana winds are blowing like a hurricane furnace. I had this idea for a Longaberger Home Tour over a year ago. I finally convinced a group of consultants to join me in the idea and the ball started rolling. Who new we would be in the earliest heat wave ever the week leading up to the tour! 
I thought I was very clever when I suggested we do the home tour in Chino Hills (where my home is not located!) and the group agreed, it was a perfect spot. 
Being a kind person I offered one of the home owners my services in helping her get ready ... she took me up on it. So yesterday I was at her home bright and early at 8 am and we dove into cleaning the backyard. Chasing spiders and cobwebs, cleaning out the flowerbeds winter droppings and planting some new spots of color. The hot winds blew us around her yard like falling leaves and we looked like two red beets by the time we were done. Two treasures that I discovered in her back yard was a tree full of tiny ripe peaches and hundreds of vine ripened Boysenberries! OMG, I was in heaven as I LOVE berries. The vines initially came from Knott's Berry Farm when the "berry" portion of the farm was torn out many years ago. Lisa graciously paid me for my services with berries so this morning I fixed myself a yummy, healthy breakfast.
Greek yogurt, Chia seeds (yep, those funny little seeds that create hair on the Chia pets we get for Christmas gifts) and big, fat sweet boysenberries! 
 I can hear you asking why Chia seeds? Well, as we age our bodies begin screaming for healthier foods. One of those little gems that provide us a lot of protein, omega 3's etc. are the Chia seeds. The down side ... you end up with these tiny little seeds in between your pretty white teeth!
My morning was going to be a busy one and I needed energy so this breakfast was just perfect. Keeping in mind that the temp is 85 degrees by 10 am and I needed to turn on my stove and bake 4 batches of brownies! Holy Moly am I nuts or what? As part of our tour we are serving our guests a triple chocolate brownie, topped with fresh raspberries and powdered sugar with a fresh fruit kabob on the side.
Do you just love those farm fresh eggs? Green, brown, tan and white and all the way from Wyoming!! Yep, my friend Amy brought them to me from her very own chickens. My brownies will taste the best that's for darn sure.
Triple boxes of triple fudge! Plus another one without nuts.
My first tray of bowls all washed and ready to fill with gooey brownie batter ....
Finally at 10 minutes till 2:00 I was finished with the brownies. I was so sweaty my glasses kept sliding off my face and my freshly washed hair was drippy. Oh my, who's idea was this anyway????

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