Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Glorious May!!

When my mom was a young girl she and her sisters would celebrate the ushering in of May with the crowning of the May Queen and dance around the May Pole. They wore crowns of flowers a top their blond heads and sang songs of Spring. Oh some times I long for the simple days of life. Life without cell phones, computers, designer clothes, fast food and even faster days. 

Photo compliments of Home in New England ....
 This isn't my mom and her sisters but it so easily could be. Same little shiny curly blond heads in a lovely Ohio meadow.

Today, in sunny and mighty WINDY California my mind is quickly reminded of the raging brush fires we
 are prone to experiencing on a lovely May Day morning. Please pray for our winds to cease and for the fires to avoid the destruction of someones home ....

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