Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Little Super Star ....

Last weekend my daughter and I took a very quick trip to Northern California to see my 9 year old grand son play baseball. After 12 hours on the California highway system we rolled into Redway. The grand kids didn't know we were coming so it was a total surprise when they saw my car. It warms a grandma's heart to see her grand babies excited to see her!
Early Saturday morning we were up and ready to go to the ball park for Austin's game. This year, his team name is the Angel's, he was so excited because grandma and Aunt Tiffany are huge Angel Baseball fans. We packed up our Angels clothes and hats so we would look like the true fans we are!
Now, a few weeks ago Austin took a pitch right in his eye ... ouch, he had a huge shiner. As a consequence to this he is a bit nervous when it comes to getting in the hitters box. 
The "EYE"
 Being the true family members that we are we were bribing him to hit the ball ... $20.00 for a hit, up to $50.00 for a grand slam!! There was some serious money on the table here!

Here's my boy, in the batting box eyes on the ball, looking for that perfect pitch!
Now the twist to this game was the team they were playing. The Boston Red Sox!! This is the same team with the same pitcher that his him in the eye! Needless to say he was a wee bit nervous. The first two times he was up to bat he would take a step back every time a pitch came his way.
Playing second base he fielded the ball and is ready to throw it back to his pitcher. The sun was out but it was COLD. These old joints were SCREAMING!
Tiffany, Grandma and Lacey all smiles at the park ....
 Finally, after two hours of cheering and causing great embarrassment to my grand-daughter ("people are looking at you grandma") Austin came through. He was the last batter in the box, the bases are loaded and he made the RBI to win the game!!
His coach signed the ball over to him and I tried to steal it. Let me tell you he was all smiles and he kept a very close eye on his ball making sure grandma didn't take off with it.
I know I'm partial but I think he is just the cutest little Angel player ever!! We had a great trip, very short time there for such a very LONG drive!

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