Monday, May 19, 2014

The Birdies and The Bees .....

No! Not those kind of birds and bees! After the amazing home and garden tour on Saturday I was inspired to get out in my yard and wash off the winter crud. So Sunday morning with rags, scrub brushes and all purpose cleaner I head out to the yard. After a couple of hours I had successfully excumunicated numerous spiders, dead bugs, weeds and dirt. I provided a little CPR to my dying plants via water and some plant food. Now a trip to the garden center is in order and the yard will be ready for summer sunning.
Look at those nice clean bug free Longaberger Lanterns! I had the ladies over today to sew and since everything was so nice and clean I served lunch on the patio. The Longaberger Bee Skeep basket has been a long time favorite of mine.
I have to watch these bears ... they are from the Giant California  Redwoods and they love to sneak food. To keep them from being over fed I posted a sign. The two trees were carved by hand with a chain saw! My dear friends husband does these and I am a lucky recipient!
How many gnomes do you spy??
Peek A Boo ... I See You ...
I love gnomes! So much so that we're going to the Angels Baseball game tomorrow night and we get a FREE Albert Pujols garden Gnome! 

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