Thursday, May 29, 2014

Back to Quilting!

Unfortunately my sewing room does not benefit from the central air conditioning very well. When the weather is hot I need to sew before noon and then get out of there. I have taken advantage of the cooler weather the last few days and have been quilting up a storm.
Last year for my birthday my dear friend Penny gave me an entire quilt (in pieces) in a big jar! Last week I cut all the pieces and today I laid it all out on my design wall.
This is going to be tricky to assemble. Laying it out was challenging enough, like putting together a jigsaw puzzle! Once all the 2 1/2 inch squares were in their proper places I rolled the whole thing up ....
Almost done rolling .... Then I took it up the my sewing room where I will begin putting it together row by row 23 times!! I love how it looks finished, that will be my motivation to get it done. 
 I realize it's only May (almost June) but it's never to early to start sewing for Christmas and birthdays!
Using materials from my treasure trove I created a personalized runner ....
The tiny black writing near the blocks is a favorite Bible verse of a friend of mine ...
 A little Americana quilted checker board! I think this may find it's way to my grandchildren this Christmas. They need to learn to play games the old fashioned way .... not on an I Pad!!!
 Well thats what's been going on here. Hope your Spring days are filled with joy.

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  1. Love all the quilts.. Wish I quilted like you :) Thx for sharing