Monday, April 28, 2014

Flying Geese Everywhere!!

It's a glorious morning in So. California today. The sky is crystal clear, there is a light breeze blowing and I am sitting in my sewing room enjoying the view. Life is so good and so is God.
As I continue to work on my Civil Unrest quilt project I am elbow deep in flying geese. Yikes, I have 216 of these little guys all over my sewing table. I am corralling them together in strips of 9 geese ... I have half of them completed!
Here are a few of the little guys ... a lot of them are huddled together in a plastic container! Little red square in a squares will eventually join the geese together in nice tidy rows.
Three sets of four rows are ready to connect my 9 patch blocks ....
And the lay out has begun ... aren't all those colors so pretty together! Tomorrows goal is to get the three rows set with the geese and then it's back to herding the geese in strips of nine ... Oh my, oh my
Little Abby is close by keeping an eye on my progress ...
Enjoy your last few days of April, May flowers are just around the corner!!

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