Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Day in the Kitchen!

If an effort to help a friend get her Pampered Chef business off the ground I hosted a home party for her today. With a late winter storm blowing through So. California last night we woke up to beautiful sunny skies! A perfect day for a party.
I put my sign out on the front porch just in case a passer by wanted to stop in and join the fun!
The guests began arriving .... even the newlyweds were here! With about 12 of us settled into our seats Ms. Pam got down to business ... cooking!! Woo Hoo
She was doing a demonstration on the micro plainer. This is one wickedly sharp tool!
Pam whipped up this amazing hot dip. OMG, this was to die for. Cream cheese, seasonings, grape tomatoes and a few other ingredients were popped in the microwave for 3 minutes and BAM!!! an amazing dip. Serve it with crackers and you're set. Oh so yummy.
This could seriously be dinner!! Grecian Bars ... A mixture of artichokes, water chestnuts, spinach, mayo, sour cream, feta cheese and seasonings spread over the top of refrigerator crescent rolls and voila - dinner!
And finally ... dessert. Angel food cake with crushed pineapple topped with a Cool whip and pineapple mixture. ONLY 18 calories per serving!!! Yep, my kind of cake!
 We all ate to our hearts content and there was not one bite of anything left! Even the wine was gone! Oh my what a great time we had.
Our presenter, Pam had a birthday just a few days earlier so we took a few minutes to celebrate with her.

 Make a Wish Pam!! Thanks for a great day with good friends ...

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