Sunday, April 27, 2014

Just For Fun ....

The season to celebrate America is just around the corner. For me, I launch the Americana season with Memorial Day and close the season out with the last summer holiday - Labor Day. I have a month to go to get my flags dusted off, pack up my winter decor, plant a few blue hued flowers out front and pull out my Americana decor. Second to Christmas this is my favorite time of the year!

A craft for June ....
Above are a few of my Americana inspired crafts. The flag pillow class is scheduled to begin on FLAG day!!  All done by hand this pillow is a perfect addition to any home or porch!

Another for July ...
The Star inspired "flip-flops" are so fun for summer and easy to make. Using pieces of fabric cleverly tied to the top straps I created the perfect 4th of July summer sandals! 

And August!
 I originally made these pedastal glass jars for Valentines Day. However, I plan to make another larger jar and filling them with red, white and blue candies and/or treats. These can easily be used the entire year in several rooms of the house.

These are my ideas for an Americana Summer ... what are yours?

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