Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Wedding to Remember ....

As a mother on just one daughter I have waited a long time for this special time. There were years when I thought she would remain a single woman devoted to traveling. Last weekend she proved all of us wrong when she married her best friend. It was an absolutely perfect weekend, sunny skies, a nice breeze and a warm 70 degrees.
I will share the wedding from a mother of the brides perspective! We began the weekend with the arrival of my cousin and good friend Amy. On Saturday morning 5 of us settled in at the Golden Dragon nail spa for mani's and pedi's. I packed a bag for the girls with fresh strawberries and yogurt, pecan rolls, and mimosa's! 
To usher in Spring I brought the spa tech's their very own butterfly headbands, even a blue one for Ben!! Tiffany was the queen for the day wit her own tiara and crazy Bride to Be sun glasses! The techs came in an hour early to accommodate all of us. Such a great group of workers!!
Sunday morning the hair and makeup staff rolled in and the make overs began.
 I just spent 2 hours on this blog and lost most of my post!!!! Gerrrrr, I will work on it again tomorrow, I am really angry right now!

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