Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Transformation Continues ....

Yesterday I posted a photo of the top of the hoosier, here is the lower portion! Another easy make over, I filled my existing dough trough with an assortment of oranges, lemons and pomegranates as well as a festive mini quilt and some pine from the local court house! So fun and so easy.

A tiny vignette above a prim bookcase. The wooden plate was another Goodwill thrift store treasure. The beautiful grain sucked me in and I paid $3.99 ... so worth every penny.

This is a shot of my family room mantle, I'm bummed - this pic came out a bit fuzzy. I have displayed another portion of my Santa collection  and my pewter candle sticks, I love candle sticks! The pewter type candle stick closest to my soldier is from our current Longaberger catalog. I love the look of these, they have a nice patina and a colonial design to them. Another Longaberger product on the mantle is the mirror on the left end, I like how nicely it blends with the pewter and my Santa's!

Sitting on my brick hearth is the very large Longaberger lantern. As you can plainly see is holds a lot more then candles, I have had a myriad of things inside this season, pumpkins, a stack of towels even a Mickey Mouse in his vintage baseball suite. Let your imigination soar!!

To the left is my antique sled, I found this many years ago in a favorite antique shop of mine. I finally had the perfect spot to hang my grandfather skates. The little white skates are actually a tree ornament.

And in closing is a small vignette on my stairs. My antique pail and firkin are dressed for the season as a bald headed Santa sits close by. I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and are as busy preparing for your Christmas Season as I am.

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