Monday, November 28, 2011

Finishing the Family Room

The following pictures will complete the family room Christmas decorations and these pictures are at the heart of the room so I saved them for last. Many of the blogs I read are from the east coast/New England and it's interesting how the west and the east coast differ in the way we reference our rooms! So, a family room here is a great room on the east coast as I blog along I will let you know what our spaces are in comparison to the east!

One of the fella's made reference to how he likes to keep his year round item in place and place Christmas with it. Well, I agree, and to a large degree I have done the same. So follow along as I explain what's goin on! The above space is directly above out television and it's something we look at a lot! Therefore I want to enjoy it. The area with all the Santa's is completely re-done for Christmas and I so enjoy it. The 3 tallest Santa's are Nutcrackers hand carved by Mary Myer. This is a craft she learned as a child from her grandpa, I just love her story. The smaller Santa between them is from Germany and he's a smoker. We got him on our honeymoon so he's very dear to both of us! Scattered in with all of these are some of my Longaberger Basket Christmas features.

Right smack in the center are two little plastic reindeer. These were always in our home while I was growing up. My mom was throwing them out when I rescued them. She just laughed and couldn't imagine why I would want them ... geeze who wouldn't! The other vintage piece here is the largest Santa coffee cup. This has my name painted on it in gold paint and was given to me as a baby. Vintage, wow does that sound old!
The space above this has two pieces that are almost antiques! There is an old truck that belonged to my dad as a boy, the back is filled with additional old toys that were his as well. To the right is a toy train car, it's the only piece left after 80 plus years. These are part of my year round decor'.

Scary Santa, as my grandson calls him sits on the far right, I've had him for years and he makes me laugh. He's quite large and wears a red velvet suit, quite dapper don't you think? 

On the far left is a hand carved black Santa, he used to have a really cute black crow sitting on his shoulder but it was lost long ago. Remember my love of crows? I was so sad when it flew away. To Santa's right is another toy of my dad's, this is a wind up race car - it works too! The Longaberger basket is my first ever Christmas Basket and yes, it's almost vintage as well.
That it's for tonight, I'll be back tomorrow with another room. Happy decorating!!

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  1. Hey you!!!
    I recognize that table runner. Looks pretty good don't you think.
    You will be receiving a big envelope today Nov 30th. enjoy!!!