Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Sewing Day!

What a truly fun day we had. Penny, Rita and myself fired up the little featherweight sewing machines and worked on our "Row" quilts. As hostess I cheated and had most of mine done in advance so I was able to read a bit of a Civil War diary, serve lunch and share some exciting quilters blogs I have stumbled on! 

Here is a shot of Penny hard at work, she is pinning her block together so it comes out just perfect! I have learned so many tricks from this lady, thanks Penny.

This is Rita, she is a speedy quilter! Her row is done, her machine is packed and she's about to head out the door. But not before one more picture!

Now look carefully, to the right of the lamp is a very cute little pinwheel doll quilt. Rita very graciously gave this to me today when she arrived. I LOVE it!! She and Penny made these one day and I was so jealous, I think it goes just perfect with the colors in my other doll quilts hanging on the wall ... don't you agree???
Thank you again ladies, I had such a fun time today.


  1. Ok so tell me how we can work it out that I can be a part of your sewing group and live up here. It would be so much fun to be apart of you all long disance. I am still in awe of your pomagrante. Talk to you soon. I'm working on a quilt right now with civial war fabrics and the psalms.

  2. Hi Paula! Thank you for your post, it would be awesome hwving you quilt with us. Have Darrell get a helicopter and fly you down once a month. Heck, it wouldn't cost that much! Happy sewing.

  3. Some where on your blog there is another post from me... One time it works and the next time who knows where it is. Just came in from workinf in the yard and am baking some bread, beer batter bread oh so good. D and I love it. as I am waiting for it to be ready I went to a couple of my favor sites that I forgot to tell you about. the first one is Squire Browns. com in Reed, Pa. and the second one is Cobblestone cottage in St charles, mo. I have been to this store when D and I were traveling aound in Mi. Both of these store have pic of their wares and and their stores decorated for Christmas. The cobble stone cottage has music to go with the pictures. Wish I could be there in person. Enjoy.

  4. What a great way to spend time with friends!!! I would LOVE to be a part of something like that.

    That pinwheel quilt is adorable!!!! Also all the ones hanging around it :)