Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Angels we have Heard on High ....

Nestled high above on my curio cabinet is a choir of angels in all shapes and sizes. Of course they all have a personal story to share but I'll share just a few. The two on the left with the big eyes are made by Mary Myers .... remember her from the Santa's?? Gabriel is the largest with his horn in hand ready to notify the world of Jesus' birth. I love his funny, chunky knees! Now way over to the right up front is an angel with clear wings. She is REALLY old! She sat a top my dad's childhood Christmas tree until my grandparents passed. She has numerous melt marks on her plastic body from the heat of the electric cord that illuminated her body. I'm shocked she never ignited the tree and burned it down! She holds a lot of memories for me and always has a front row seat where ever she rests.

This is a motley crew of Santa's don't you agree? This little fella standing directly next to the second "s" is from Russia. My husband and picked him up one year on one of our trips. They greet our guests as they enter the front foyer and always make people smile!

Oh Christmas Tree .... This year I limited my decorated trees to four, this being the largest. I have a child's rocking horse and doll in view under the tree. Not seen is my dad's locomotive engine, a feather weight sewing machine and a vintage Noah's Ark. The grandkids love to them when the come to visit, thinking Santa already visited Grandma's house.

This piece always makes my husband laugh. It's a pie safe yet he has never seen a pie in it! My grandmother's childhood rocking chair sits in front with my Woopie Goldberg doll singing Christmas Carols to the baby in her lap!

And finally, the formal dining room table. Here is my very big dough trough filled with all things Christmas! A Longaberger basket holds another one of my decorated trees. The tree is filled with my collection of Longaberger birds. Sitting behind my woodland Santa is another Longaberger Bowl Basket. As you may have noticed by now my Longaberger will show up in very odd places!

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