Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Whatcha been doin???

When you answer your phone does someone on the other end ask "whatcha been doin?" I get it all the time. My reply "sewing."  When I can I like to make my Christmas gifts, especially if I think they will be appreciated! So if you're some one who calls and asks what I'm doing ... here's a couple of samples of what I've been doin! They're finally completed and ready to wrap.

Here is another completed treasure. I don't know about other quilters but after all the time the quilt and I spend together it's hard to let them go, they become like a member of the family! Yes, I am that slow of a quilter!

Sometime in the near future I would like to host a Giveaway. However, before I do this and let go of one of my treasures I would like to know how many bloggers out there are even interested! So, if one of my mini doll quilts interests you please register as one of my followers of my blog. Once I see how the response is I'll move to step two!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I'll be back in a few days!

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