Monday, July 2, 2012

The Swinging Door ....

With the warm summer season comes family. Joe's oldest son Joey has been here the past 3 weeks with his very large dog. Who by the way had emergency surgery two days ago. Two of his tumors burst and it looked like a crime seen on my patio, along with the addition of red freckles on my light grey carpet.
Early this morning my son and his family arrived just in time to spend my birthday with me. We have already invaded Walmart, they're at Target as I write. In their very very small town there is no shopping so when they come down it's shop, shop, shop!!
Joey and his dog Stinky pulled up stakes and headed north for a few days to get out of the chaos. I'm sure my neighbors are thrilled .... a barking dog has left and 3 noisy kids have arrived. Little do they know the barking do will return, hehe.
Tomorrow I get to go to the doctor for a check up and the kids have an appointment for a teeth cleaning so it will be another wonderful day! Hope you are gearing up for a great 4th f July!!


  1. I'm sure your enjoying every moment with your family.

    Happy Birthday Anita! How is the dog now?

  2. Stinky is doing better but he is not great. Thank you for asking about him.